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Stoughton Hospital is committed to providing the primary, specialty and surgical services you can trust. We are continually expanding our medical staff and are proud to offer this extensive provider list for you:

Providers Practicing/Associated with Stoughton Hospital

Emergency Medicine
Stoughton Hospital
Southern Wisconsin Emergency Associates

Warren Tripp, MD, Director

Oregon Urgent Care
Stoughton Hospital
Madison Emergency Physicians
Sam Josvai, MD, Director

Dean Clinic
Daniel Danahy,MD

Meriter Clinic
Matthew Wolff, MD


Family Medicine
Dean Clinic - Stoughton
Dean Kresge, MD
Daniel Staddler, MD
Robert Terbrack, DO
Kaye McGrath, NP

Meriter Clinic
Christopher Harkin, MD
Vern Partello, MD

UW Health - Stoughton
George Gay, MD
Danalyn Rayner, MD

Evansville Clinic –
St. Mary’s/Dean Venture

Renee Fohl, MD
Lezlie Painovich, DO
Glenn Kruser, PAC

UW Health Clinic - Verona Atrium
Derek Hubbard, MD

Dean Clinic - Stoughton
Sigurdur Einarsson, MD

Gary Griglione, MD


General Surgery
Dean Clinic - Stoughton
David Rainiero, MD

UW Health - Stoughton Hospital
David Melnick, MD

Physicians for Women
Timothy Raichle, MD
Christine Trautman, MD

Innovative Hospitalist

Sarjoo Patel, MD, Director

Internal Medicine
Dean Clinic - Stoughton
Guirish Agni, MD
Joyce Brehm, MD

UW Health - Stoughton
Ahsan Khalid, MD
Karen Griffin, PA-C

Mark Lanser, MD

Dean Clinic - Stoughton
Stephen Boorstein, MD
Cory Fields, DO 

Dean Clinic - Stoughton
Richard Rilling, MD
Tara Shaw, PAC

John Rogerson, MD
Renee Burke, PA-C
Joanna Hutchins, PA-C,

Otolaryngology (ENT)
Dean Clinic - Stoughton
Steven Lyon, MD

Associated Pathologists
Deborah Turski, MD, Director

Dean Clinic - Stoughton
Thomas Murwin, MD

UW Health - Stoughton
Anne Means, MD
Karen Pletta, MD

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Stoughton Hospital
Health Center
Jacob Gerzenshtein, MD

Associated Podiatrists – Stoughton
Stephen Bogue, DPM
Neal J Katz, DPM

Dean Clinic - Stoughton
David Worth, DPM

Stoughton Hospital
Kenneth Robbins, MD, Director
Linda DiRaimondo, MD
Jeffrey Marcus, MD
Martha Rolli, MD


Sleep Disorders Center 

Jacalyn Nelson, MD

Madison Radiologists

Sports Medicine
Dean Clinic - Stoughton 

Deanne Eccles, MD

Dean Clinic - Stoughton

Adam Tierney, MD

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